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Protect Your Rights as an Employee and as an Individual


There’s no denying the fact that the workplace poses a lot of threats and dangers to our health, even if it means you’re just sitting down in a cubicle for 9 hours straight. How much more if your workplace is in a really dangerous spot like a construction site or factory? What happens when we get injured in the workplace? What happens when we slip down a wet floor because the janitor forgot to put up the wet floor sign? What happens when the forklift operator knocks down important items because he fell asleep at the wheel due to the fact that he’s been working 20 hours straight?

Everything that was mentioned in the last few sentences are violations of your rights and safety as an employee. This is where you need to hire personal injury lawyers or compensation lawyers (that would be us) to help you settle the dilemma. The forklift driver that fell asleep on the wheel cannot be blamed for the accident because the company failed to find a replacement for him. An individual slipping and breaking something in the office due to the negligence of the other party has grounds for a lawsuit. Our law firm encourages employees to do consultation with attorneys like us at any given time they feel that their rights are not being respected.

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