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Police Efforts in Eliminating DUI


Like any other cities in America, San Diego has a lingering problem of car accidents related to drunk driving. No matter how vigilant the local police force is with enforcing the law, some offenders are overlooked. We can’t really blame the authorities for such oversights since they are technically not omniscient. These few drunk drivers who have evaded the law go on to potentially because road accidents that would damage properties, cause injuries to others and themselves, and take away human lives at worst.

However, we should all take a moment to appreciate how many car accidents were prevented through the efforts of the police. It’s hard to really appreciate such a thing because of it not happening. Just out of sight, out of mind, as some people say. But should all the arrests on drivers who are driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI) not have been done, just imagine all the chaos that could have come about from all the vehicular accidents they’d cause.

Fortunately, it has become rather easy for police to determine if a car is driven by a drunk driver or not. Telltale signs of intoxicated drivers include unusually wavy driving patterns, erratic changing of lanes on a clear highway, and exaggerated turns. The car in question is pulled over so that the police officers can administer a field sobriety test. Should the driver adamantly refuse to take the test, they are taken to the police station to have a blood alcohol level test. A test result with a level of .08 or higher will deem the driver to be intoxicated and should not have been taking on the steering wheel.

The arrested driver will then face corresponding jail time depending on other infractions related to driving while intoxicated. These factors include being under the age of 21, the very refusal to take the field sobriety test, having damaged properties, causing physical damage to a person and a lot more. The fees are $1000 for the first offense, greatly incremented on the subsequent offenses.

However, there are arrests that are genuinely mistakes on the part of the police officers. Cases such as medical conditions which are similar to signs of being drunk can be cause for such an arrest. In scenarios such as this, DUI attorneys in San Diego can help drop the case. One group with extensive knowledge and experience is the one from the website where most DUI cases are seeking help from.


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