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The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros is a law group that is primarily composed of attorneys who specialize in dealing with Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, arrests and charges. Their lawyers have established a good reputation through their combined experience of over 50 years. They have been known to e highly ethical and aggressive just to get the best possible outcomes from the DUI arrest and conviction. Generally based in the Los Angeles County of California, they have satisfactorily and successfully litigated over a thousand DUI cases with the California DUI court system. For more information about the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros, you may visit and browse through their official website.

Through the number of years that they have been in the service for DUI related cases and arrests, the LA DUI Lawyer Pros have dealt with a wide variety of the said violations. Whether you are facing your first offense Driving Under the Influence or already on the third one, the said particular law group can be of great help, without a doubt. Aside from the different levels of offenses relating to DUI, the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros likewise have other practice areas, including Felony DUI with or without any injury, DUI injury, as well as DUI aggravating factors. To learn more about each of the practice area that the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros can deal with, visit their official website.

One of the features that the said DUI lawyer in Los Angeles is most proud of is their honesty. If you visit their official website, you will find out that they offer their potential clients with a free consultation. And with this instance, they will be totally honest and upfront with what they can actually do best for you and in the most realistic aspect. They are not going to talk their clients into delivering something that they cannot realistically achieve just to let them hear what they want to and charge quite too much money for it.

The staff and attorneys of the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros are culturally diverse and are multilingual, making these features one of the best within the law group. Other than that, the attorneys as well as the paralegal and administrative staff of LA DUI Lawyer Pros are fully dedicated towards rendering quality service and court representation. For more information about what Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros can do best, visit their official website now.

A Lawyer’s Opinion on Abuse


I am a husband and a father to 3 beautiful children. I am also a lawyer. I am a family and divorce lawyer and I deal with cases ranging from divorce to domestic abuse. Personally and professionally, there’s not much protection for women and children from domestic abuse and sexual abuse. You hear and read about it on the news every day and it seems like the government has no control over this. They can establish protocols to deal with the aftermath of the abuse but not so much as doing something to prevent it from happening in the first place.

I think that what the country needs is more awareness about abuse in all forms. As a lawyer, I find myself dealing with answers of clients who say that “they’re just dealing with it so they can keep their families together”. It’s a terrible answer and I think that they should be presented with options. Options like a community centre for reporting abuse or a support system for both women and children. Quite frankly, I would do something if it were up to me, but there’s only so much that I can do.

On my end, I tell my clients to seek professional help at the first instance of abuse.

Protect Your Rights as an Employee and as an Individual


There’s no denying the fact that the workplace poses a lot of threats and dangers to our health, even if it means you’re just sitting down in a cubicle for 9 hours straight. How much more if your workplace is in a really dangerous spot like a construction site or factory? What happens when we get injured in the workplace? What happens when we slip down a wet floor because the janitor forgot to put up the wet floor sign? What happens when the forklift operator knocks down important items because he fell asleep at the wheel due to the fact that he’s been working 20 hours straight?

Everything that was mentioned in the last few sentences are violations of your rights and safety as an employee. This is where you need to hire personal injury lawyers or compensation lawyers (that would be us) to help you settle the dilemma. The forklift driver that fell asleep on the wheel cannot be blamed for the accident because the company failed to find a replacement for him. An individual slipping and breaking something in the office due to the negligence of the other party has grounds for a lawsuit. Our law firm encourages employees to do consultation with attorneys like us at any given time they feel that their rights are not being respected.