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Uneventful Dismissal from Employment

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Having a financial plan for the next few decades is great. It’s a good thing to have a solid plan for the future rather than live extravagantly from one paycheck to another. The trouble with a well-ironed out financial plan for the family is when the source of income is not flexible and depends on just one source. Usually, this is from either the husband or wife having a full-time work in a daily grind.

The trouble with this is that once in a while, employees get unceremoniously laid off from their work. Whether this stems from bad performance as an employee or cost-cutting by the company, the bottom line is that now the family has no other source of income to spend for daily needs and for saving up for the future. Worse is if the financial plan has only one or two months of emergency fund available. Some couples even forget to have emergency funds at hand, either from being too complacent at keeping their job or not being financially literate enough.

In this frustrating scenario, laid off workers are usually left to claw at the supposed rights that the company owes them. Without the proper assistance and excellent counsel from lawyers, this usually ends up fruitless. Consequently, laid off workers are forced to accept their fate, trying to forget day after day that they were supposed to have had separation payments. In these situations, some people are simply too meek to demand for their rights. Some also feel that it’s a losing battle to be caught in a legal dialogue against the company that left them hanging.

Solicitors who specialize in employment law are of great help in these legal battles. There are solicitors in Henleaze who have accumulated years of experience in dealing with these cases because apparently, it’s a fairly common scenario. Unfair and wrongful dismissals aren’t unfamiliar territories with these solicitors. Clients are encouraged to tell their side of the story in all honesty. A slightly modified version of the truth will most likely compromise the case later on. Hence it is highly advised to be prepared to tell solicitors the truth, including the ugly ones before hiring them. Only then will both the solicitor and the client know if they have a possible lawsuit at hand and how to proceed with it. Naturally, it’s much better to hire solicitors who have been in the industry for quite some time.